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    2013 - 09.03

    Web development is for every corporation, every blogger and every small business. With the services that we offer here, every company can turn a website from an simple online creation into a business tool that brings in more customers, produces greater profits and helps to promote a positive image.

    Website Creation
    Your company has just purchased space from a web host and a website URL, but you have no idea what to do with the space. We understand the predicament. It can be very hard to design and build a website all on your own.

    With our web development team, you can have a site created that matches the personality and needs of your business. The design, layout and artwork will all be used to ensure that your business looks fantastic in every respect. This site is something that most customers will see and then judge your business by. We want it to be perfect.

    Web Stores
    If your business sells products or services, we can help to create a web store that will help you to make a passive income on your products or services. We won’t just list your products and ask your customers to email you. We will set up a web store that takes payments, notes inventory levels and even has a customer support line. You don’t have to stand and watch your web store operate because these things operate themselves. All you need to do is ship products to your customers after you make the sale.

    Marketing Online
    Marketing online is very important for every business that wants to be taken seriously as an online entity. With marketing comes a great many options that the business can take advantage of to brand themselves, market their products and reach customers would otherwise not even know the company existed.

    Online marketing can range from email campaigns to social media tactics that are all designed to ensure customers can find your business. We can manage your social media pages, write your Tweets, friend people on Facebook and make sure that your customers are able to find you.

    We also track these marketing efforts to ensure that they are effective. We will take out tracking data and make changes to ensure that every customer is making it to your website.

    With your new website, web store and online marketing strategies, your business can take off into the 21st Century and beyond with a website that sells more, markets more and meets more customers than you ever could by simply opening a brick and mortar store.

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